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Mission Statement: We recognize the tremendous value of integrating technology in the classroom! We are dedicated to improving knowledge, effectiveness and utilization of new and existing technology within the Wellsville CSD education system. As a team we will work directly with teachers and students to help raise awareness and promote the effective use of technology.

What we do...


Wellsville Lions Tech-Lab
The best place to get support and learn about technology...When you need hands-on technical support for technology related questions to help with instruction, you can get friendly, expert help at the Tech-Lab.


What is the Lions Tech-Lab? Its a location provided for teachers to gather and discuss how they are using technology in the classroom and for instruction, learn about new Apps and technologies and also how to apply them. It''s a totally digital environment!


What we can do for you? We work with you face-to-face to provide technical support and troubleshoot any problems. We offer help in researching, reviewing and providing solutions for integrating iPads and other technologies in your classroom to enhance the engagement of students in their learning.


Where is Tech-Hour and how often? Lions Tech-Hour is the time held specifically for face-to-face technical support. We have two locations: ES- (To be announced)  , MS/HS- on the first-floor of the MS (Room 110)


What topics are going to be discusses for help? Check out our calendar for a more detailed description of upcoming events. But you can always drop in to get help on a specific need.


Can students be a part of Tech-Hour? Yes, on Wednesdays, students can come in.

(Until further notice, students will not have access to the Tech-Lab

Help fix technology in the district

Provide research and review on iPad apps

Work one-on-one with teachers and students to fix any and all technological issues 

Bring new and inventive ways to use the technological resources in the facility

Create a higher standard of education throughout the Wellsville Central School District 


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