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Welcome to the Technology Department


The Wellsville Technology department provides support for transforming education through the power of technology. The department promotes access for each learner by ensuring the data network and hardware devices are up-to-date and connected to the broadband Internet. By supporting powered-up faculty and student-body, we will continue to maintain and upgrade hardware, software and broadband connection systems to ensure a robust digital ecosystem. By providing these tools, all learners have access to a global culture of learning and communication. This type of learning environment provides each Wellsville learner the ability to access information, produce content, collaborate and share 24/7.


Contact Us

Caitlin Bowen, STEAM & Technology Coordinator

Mr. Tony Fountain, IT Department Manager

 Micro Computer Admin

 BOCES, Micro Computer Specialist

126 West State Street

Wellsville, NY 14895

phone: 585-596-2158

fax: 585-596-2183 


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Wellville Tech Team


Service Desk Help

Using your classroom phone, call 2200 or put in an ML IT work order.

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