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Full Service Community School


Wellsville Central School District is a full-service community school.  Please contact Veronica Scholes, the Family Resource Coordinator, for more information.


Dear Wellsville Families,

We are pleased to tell you about a dental program that is available to your student(s), free of charge.  This program is available to Wellsville Central school students through our involvement in the Cattaraugus-Allegany Community Schools grant.  The Wellsville Central School Sealant Program offers a dental exam, a fluoride treatment and possibly sealants to students at no cost to you under this program.  If your child has dental insurance, the insurance company will be billed.  If your child does not have dental insurance, grant funding will cover the cost of the services mentioned above.  The services are provided by a dentist and dental hygienist who will be stationed in the school nurses' office and services will be provided throughout the school day.  Dates have been set for March 2019 with more dates to follow.