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Middle School

Wellsville CSD Digital Citizenship: Middle School

February 2016

 15-20 Minute sessions

Support available: Kate, Tony and Shannon



Extension Activities:


  • Discuss Cyber Bullying and Privacy
    • Cyber Bullying
      • What is a bully?
      • What is a Cyber Bully?
      • Have you ever been bullied?
        • How did it make you feel?
      • Have you ever bullied someone else?
      • Have you used an app or website to tease, mock or be mean to someone else?
      • Have you ever tried to put yourself in another person’s shoes?
        • Look at things from their point of view or perspective
        • How does/can bullying make someone else feel?
      • Should be build each other up or tear each other down?
      • What should be the consequences if I do bully someone using technology or face-to-face?
    • Digital Privacy
      • What is Privacy?
      • How does that translate into the Digital Realm?
      • When it comes down to it, is Digital Privacy real?
      • What should be your guidelines for posting things online?