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Elementary - 3rd-5th

Wellsville CSD Digital Citizenship: Elementary School

February 2016

15-20 minute sessions:

3rd – 5th

Discussion about Staying on Task and Cyber Bullying

Talking points to lead the student discussion:

  • Staying on Task
    • What does it mean to stay on task?
    • Thinking about your teacher/class and your iPad, do you always stay on task?
    • Do you stay on the websites or apps that they teacher tells you to be?
    • Do you explore other apps or websites other than doing your work or paying attention?
      • Why?
    • Do you sneak on to websites or apps that your parents don’t know about?
      • Why?
    • What should be the consequence if you are not doing your work and playing on other apps or websites?


  • Cyber Bullying
    • What is a bully?
    • What is a Cyber Bully?
    • Have you ever been bullied?
      • How did it make you feel?
    • Have you ever bullied someone else?
    • Have you used an app or website to tease, mock or be mean to someone else?
    • Have you ever tried to put yourself in another person’s shoes?
      • Look at things from their point of view or perspective
      • How does/can bullying make someone else feel?
    • Should be build each other up or tear each other down?
    • What should be the consequences if I do bully someone using technology or face-to-face?
  • How do/can you show PRIDE when you use your iPad or other technology?
  • Take it a step further:
    • Have students create a skit or game using Scratch Jr about what they learned about Staying on Task and Cyber Bullying.


  • Health and Wellness
    • A calendar of activities will be sent home for the month of February.
      • The families will have a multitude of activities to do besides using technology.