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Aaron Brubaker Named Secondary School Principal

Wellsville Central School District is excited to announce that Aaron Brubaker has been recommended as the new Secondary School Principal. Aaron has been the Assistant Secondary School Principal since February 2020, significantly impacting our students' learning experience.

Aaron prioritizes student growth beyond academics, fostering life skills, problem-solving, and resilience. He encourages student-led learning, collaboration, and self-evaluation aligned with their interests.

With a focus on building relationships, Aaron supports teachers and staff, providing resources and a collaborative environment. His expertise in teacher evaluations enhances their professional growth.

Aaron prioritizes student well-being, handling behavior concerns thoroughly and involving families while upholding rights. He promotes a positive school community through restorative practices and collaboration.

His classroom teaching enhances Aaron’s Administrative experience.  He was a Chemistry and middle-level science teacher for 13 years.

Aaron Brubaker's leadership, commitment to student success, and dedication to a positive school community make him an excellent candidate for Principal. With Aaron leading our school, we will continue providing an exceptional education for our children.