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Kids Heart Challenge

The Wellsville Elementary PE Department is happy to share our results from the Kids Heart Challenge this year – our kids and families raised $10,955.09 for the American Heart Association and kids with special hearts. This is amazing! Our department will be getting an $850 gift certificate to order PE equipment for our kids as a result.  Many thanks to all who participated!

The top fundraisers this year were:
Brooklyn Grimes (PK) - $1,006.46
Cash Clark (K) - $598.31

Overall we had:
117 students participated
20 students completed Finn’s mission
30 families learned Hands-Only CPR

Classroom Competitions:
Top Class for dollars raised – Vossler (K) - $1,423
Top Class for registered students – Sherman (3rd) - 10
Top Grade for dollars raised – Kindergarten - $2,456
Top Grade for registered students – 3rd – 28

Kids Heart Challenge Family Night Photo Gallery