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Electronic Recycling Drive a Success

The Environmental Science class recently held an electronic recycling drive. They collected 995 pounds, just shy of a half-ton, of old or unused electronics with them being recycled by REACT E-Cycling out of Horseheads, NY. REACT will break down the electronics and sell them to various locations to be recycled into new components for other electronics. This drive just kept all of these components out of the landfill or other disposal locations and made available new material to be reused in the manufacturing of new electronics. As society is pushing towards more electric cars, heating, and devices, there is an ever-increasing need for the raw materials to manufacture them and a need for disposal of the old items. Thank you to all the faculty and staff that donated items! We hope to hold this recycling drive again.  The class continues to explore more ways to help the environment locally, nationally, and globally.

electronic waste