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Wellsville CSD Task Force

Reopening Resources:

Printable Version of Student COVID Screen: Printable Student COVID Screen


Session 3 - Q & A Regarding Opening Plan Zoom Video Link - 8/20/20

Password: #1!2&bF5


Session 2 - Q & A Regarding Opening Plan Zoom Video Link - 8/19/20 

Password: UKC1K.Nq


Session 1 - Q & A Regarding Opening Plan Zoom Video Link - 8/17/20

Password: d2gY2*B8 


Wellsville Schools will be conducting a question and answer session for students, parents, guardians and community members on Monday, August 17th at 5:00 pm, via Zoom.  In an attempt to get all questions answered, we are kindly asking you to submit them prior to the meeting.  For your convenience, please click on the following link to submit your questions:  Our goal is to organize the questions by content area, and combine similar questions.  


We currently have two additional community zoom sessions scheduled at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19th and Thursday, August 20th.  Additional sessions will be scheduled, as needed, right up until school begins.  The District’s hope is to ensure that all of your questions are answered.  Again the link to use to submit questions is


The link to the Zoom session will be available on the district website homepage on each morning of the session.


A note to all District Employees, we will be holding a separate question and answer session for employees at a later date.




Wellsville CSD Reopening Plan 7.31.20 Updated: 9/24/20




Meeting Resources:

7.27.20 Meeting Video

State Education Documents:

School Reopening Guidance

Summary Guidelines

School Master Guidance

Task Force Video

Task Force Presentation