Wellsville CSD's Title I Status

  • Update on Wellsville's District and School's Designation Status and School Choice

    On September 23, 2011, President Obama announced an Elementary and Secondary Education Act regulatory flexibility initiative to revise the No Child Left Behind act. New York State applied for this flexibility request (also known as the ESEA waiver) in order to more effectively help students by becoming exempt from specific provisions of No Child Left Behind.

    As a result, school designations were changed. Based on our prior school designations and 2010-11 assessment data, the Wellsville Central School District has been designated as a Focus District. The Wellsville Central School District was notified that it was a Focus District because the following schools were preliminarily designated as Focus Schools: Wellsville Elementary, Wellsville Middle, and Wellsville High Schools.

    Through this notification we are fulfilling two requirements as per Title I-No Child Left Behind guidance. (1) We are notifying parents of the District’s ESEA designation as a Focus District and of School Choice. (2) Under the NCLB Act school districts with buildings designated as Focus Schools are also required to offer public school choice to students in those designated buildings, provided there are other public schools in the district with the same grade span. Since there are no other public schools in the Wellsville District, this is not a possibility.