iPad Paid Apps Request Form

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  The App Approval process will go through a similar evaluation process as requesting text books or other types of software.

~ This process is required by WNYRIC/BOCES to ensure that our district purchases align with our Technology Plan. This will also give Teachers and Instructional Support Staff time to evaluate the proposed impact on instruction and learning.

~ Student iPads are 16Gb. Space is limited due to storage of files, photos, other apps and updates. As apps become more sophisticated they become larger also. The app request process gives technology and instruction time to evaluate the value of space this app will consume.

~ Once an app is no longer being used in the classroom, please direct technology to remove the app(s) from the student iPads. (This improves available storage space on the iPad.)

~ Please contact the Technology Integration Coach if you need assistance or have questions.

~ If you need to test a paid app, please request through Service Now, you will receive an iPad from Tony with this app or have it installed on your iPad
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