Renting an Instrument- Band

RM Sides
  • Renting through Robert M. Sides:

    There are a couple different options for getting an instrument. The Music Store (though Robert M. Sides) has a rent-to-own program that is very popular. You can rent online at (your instrument will be delivered to the school). Check with Mr. Joslyn if you need help. Going through RM Sides (versus the school) is HIGHLY recommended! The instruments are in EXCELLENT condition with new strings, the repairs are free (as long as you have rental insurance), and the money you put into renting goes directly into owning the instrument someday. When you are ready to buy, they have an Early Pay-Off Discount, where you can get 40% off the outstanding balance. The Music Store in Wayland, NY is a representative of RM Sides that comes to Wellsville every Tuesday to pick up/drop off instruments for repair. 585-728-5470


    Renting through Wellsville Schools:

    The school also provides a limited number of instruments for students to borrow for $50 for the school year (please make a check out to Wellsville CSD). This helps to cover yearly instrument maintenance and repairs. Students who use a school-owned instrument will be required to complete a usage form (rental contract). This document must be signed by a parent or guardian and will indicate the current condition of the instrument and serial number. The instrument must be returned at the end of the school year, unless the student is involved in summer lessons and/or has permission from their director to use the instrument over the summer. If $50 upfront is a hardship for your family, a payment plan of $5/month can be set up. 

    Note: Double Bass and Tuba players are exempt from the rental fee, as the Basses are never allowed to go home (they are shared amongst students and difficult to transport).