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    The goal of English 10 is to extend and improve upon skills that were obtained in English 9 while working on more critical reading and writing skills. Public speaking skills will be practiced through individual and group projects. Emphasis in this course will also be placed upon preparing for the NYS English Regents that is given in January of a student's Junior year. Units in this course include:


    Sept./Oct.- The Short Story: "Society: Utopias & Dystopias-" Do we live in either one of these?


    Oct./Nov./Dec.- Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. How is this novel still relevant today? Is this the greatest American novel of all time?


    Jan./Feb.- August Wilson's Fences. Can everything in life be forgiven?


    Feb./Mar./Apr.- Shakespeare's Macbeth. How much can another person influence us? What are the qualities of a good/corrupt leader?


    Apr./May- Poetry. How is poetry still relevant in our lives today?


    May/June- Art Spiegelman's Maus. Can history really repeat itself? Why is it important to not forget?


    Other activities and titles will also be explored during the year.