• Mr. Joslyn's Band Grading Policies
    Brass and Percussion 4-12

    Grading Policies 

    LESSONS (40%): If you miss a lesson, Mr. Joslyn will enter a "zero" in eSchool as a placeholder. Once you make up your lesson, the "zero" will change to a "100." You are allowed one missed lesson per marking period. Mr. Joslyn is available for make-up lessons after school from 2:25-2:55 (take the late bus home), or at various times during the school day. Please email jjoslyn@wlsv.org to schedule a lesson or stop by his office to schedule a makeup. 

    ENSEMBLE PARTICIPATION (50%): Students are expected to come prepared with their instrument and music every rehearsal.  In addition, they are expected to actively participate, demonstrate respectful and considerate behavior during the rehearsal.
    CONCERT ATTENDANCE (10%): The most important aspect of any performing group is participation in performances throughout the school year.  The ensemble is counting on YOU to be in attendance for the concert.  As a result, concerts are worth 10% of the student's grade. In the event of severe illness or death in the family, a make-up project will be assigned.