• Mr. Joslyn's Band Grading Policies
    6th Band
    7/8 Band
    9-12 Band

    Grading Policies (Adjusted due to Covid-19)

    LESSONS (50%): Each student is given one 30 minute lesson once a week.  10 lessons per quarter. If you miss a lesson, Mr. Joslyn will enter a "zero" in eSchool as a placeholder. Once you make up your lesson, the "zero" will change to a "100."  Mr. Joslyn is available for make-up lessons by Zoom appointments planned by both student and teacher .  Please email jjoslyn@wlsv.org to schedule a lesson or stop by his office to schedule a makeup. 

    ENSEMBLE PARTICIPATION (50%): ALL band students are expected to practice at home for assignments assigned through SmartMusic.  Weekly assignments will be due by the end of the day every virtual WEDNESDAY.  6-8 Band students will work on duet and small ensemble music.  9-12 Band students will work on recording band music so a virtual band recording can be released once every 10 weeks.  
    CONCERT ATTENDANCE: At this time, due to Covid-19, all concerts are "ON PAUSE".  Dates have been set in the event we can proceed with a concert.