Welcome, 6-12th Grade String Players!


    Mrs. Christensen's Lesson Schedules

    6-12th Grade Monday-Friday Lesson Schedules




    Grading Breakdown & Policies 

    LESSONS (40%): Students are expected to know when their weekly lesson is and make every effort to attend. This also means letting the classroom teacher know at the beginning of the school day or the beginning of the class to be missed and gathering work for that class ahead of time. Consistently coming to your assigned lesson time is ESSENTIAL to your own development as a musician and the good of the whole Orchestra. The lesson schedule is designed so you do not miss the same class more than once every 6 weeks. 

    Students are only allowed to come to their lesson at their scheduled lesson time. If they want to come down to practice or get extra help at another time, they must get a pass ahead of time from Mrs. Christensen. If they show up at the wrong lesson time without a pass, they will be sent back to class.

    If you miss a lesson, Mrs. Christensen will enter a "zero" in eSchool as a placeholder. Once you make up your lesson, the "zero" will change to a "100." You are allowed one missed lesson per marking period without penalty (the zero is automatically dropped in eSchool). Starting this year (2019-2020), students must sign up for make-up lessons. After school from 2:30-3:00 is the only time available for make-up lessons, and are limited to 2 students at a time (unless the students are from the same lesson group; in that case, the whole lesson group may sign up). Please email achristensen@wlsv.org to schedule a make-up lesson, or sign up outside her door.

    ENSEMBLE PARTICIPATION (50%): Students are expected to come prepared with their instrument and music every rehearsal, be on time, actively participate, and demonstrate respectful, considerate behavior during the rehearsal. NO PHONES OR IPADS are allowed during rehearsals. If a student has either of these devices out during rehearsal, their ensemble participation grade will drop. 
    CONCERT ATTENDANCE (10%): The most important aspect of any performing group is participation in performances. As a result, concerts are mandatory and worth 10% of the student's grade. In the event of severe illness or family emergency, a make-up project will be assigned. Parents/guardians MUST contact Mrs. Christensen as soon as possible if this is the case. Students must be in school the day of the concert to perform.
    6-8 Winter Concert: Tuesday, December 10th at 7PM.
    6-8 Spring Concert: Tuesday, May 19th at 7PM.
    HS Winter Concert: Wednesday, December 11th at 7PM.
    HS Spring Concert: Wednesday, May 20th at 7PM.
    EXTRA CREDIT: 2 free lessons will be given for participation in the following extra activities: All County Orchestra (by audition), Area All-State (by audition), Solo Festivals, and the Art Show Chamber group performance (for High School students only). Mrs. Christensen may approve extra credit for another performance outside of the school if you talk to her ahead of time. 
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