• College Athletes (Should they get paid?)
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    Destiny (online catalog)
       796 Spo Sports and Athletes, Opposing Viewpoints 
       796.04 Mar Amateur Athletics, Alan Marzilli 
       newspapers, magazines 
    Keyword/subject term examples:
      College athletes AND ~
      College sports OR college sports corruption
      Athletic programs AND economics 
      Full-time job/employment
      Student athletes 

    Police Brutality
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    Destiny (online catalog) 
       Police Brutality 363.2 Pol (middle school library)
    newspapers, magazines 
    Keyword/subject term examples: 
       Police AND
             abuse, brutality, community-relations, complaints-civil procedure, departments, excessive force, misconduct, officers AND investigations, violence
       African Americans~social conditions
       Civil rights ~ human rights
       Discrimination in criminal justice 
       Discrimination in law enforcement 
       Ethnic Relations
       Law enforcement 
       Militarization of Law Enforcement 
       Race discrimination
       Racial segregation
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    ProQuest (SIRS Researcher) 

    Deer and Wildlife Management
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    Destiny (online catalog)
       Deer & Deer Hunting 799.2 DEE (1993)
       Strategies for Whitetails 799.2 ALS (2006)
       Whitetail Rites of Autumn 799.2 ALS (2003) 
       Bow & Arrow Hunting
       Deer & Deer Hunting
       North American Whitetail   
       Petersen's Hunting
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    Keyword/subject term examples
       Animal rights
       Deer hunting
       Deer herd
       Deer population
       Gun control or gun control groups 
       Hunter(s) or hunters population 
       Quality deer management 
       White-tail (Whitetail) deer habitat
       Range management 
       Wildlife parks and reserves 
       Wildlife management 
       Wildlife habitat improvement
       Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) www.fhfh.org
       Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) www.qdma.com 

    Music and Brain Function/Development
    Print Resources
    Destiny (online catalog) 
       Forensic music therapy: a treatment for men and women in secure hospital settings 616.89 For (2013)
       Music therapy and addictions 616.86 Mus (2010)
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    Keyword/subject term examples:
       Music therapy 
       Brain development
       Brain function
       Emotional responses 
       Human development
       Mental health
       Mood disorders 
       Mood regulation 
       Psychological aspects