7th Grade Team

  • Ms. E Thompsett  - room 208 - Team Leader, ELA, Math, Resource Room - This is my 8th year teaching. I'm so excited to work with the 7th grade students this year. 
    Mr. C Brown -  - room 204 - Science - I am a Wellsville native, and this is my second year teaching in Wellsville. I am excited to share my passion for physical science with this year's 7th grade class. 
    Mrs. E Burke  - room 205 - English Language Arts - I am entering my 23rd year of teaching, and my sixth year here in Wellsville. There is no job I would rather go to every day. 
    Mr. J. Vossler  - room 206 - Social Studies - As an alumnus of the Wellsville Class of '07, I'm excited to teach in this community and work with its students. This is my 10th year of teaching overall, and my second at the Wellsville Secondary School.

    Mrs. J. Lange  - room 209 -  Mathematics - I graduated from Niagara University and SUNY Albany. I am in my tenth year of teaching, but fourth year here at Wellsville. 

    Mrs. T. Watson  - room 207 - Spanish - Welcome to 7th Grade Spanish!  I  am  looking forward to introducing you to something new and exciting!  We will learn not only about the Spanish language but also about the culture.  This is my 26th year of teaching Middle School Spanish and I am still excited about it!  ¡Viva Español!
    Mrs. B. McCartney  - room HS 111 - French -  Learning French is an exciting experience that will benefit you for years to come! Thank you for the opportunity to share my love of the French language and culture with you!
    Mrs. J. Budinger   - room 210 - Reading/AIS - This is my 14th year teaching Middle School Reading in Wellsville.  I grew up in Wellsville and have 3 children.
    Ms. M. Donovan  - room 208 - Teacher Assistant - I am from Wellsville and have been assisting here for 14 years.

7th HW & Events

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