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Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

  • Students are living in a powerful digital world that requires them to interact in non-traditional ways. These new interactions require new social expectations, safety precautions, and literacy. There is a need to promote ethical, responsible, and safe interaction in a digital world.
    Digital Citizenship is defined as: teaching users the rules of good citizenship online; this usually includes email ettiquette, protecting private information, staying safe online, and how to deal with bullying, whether you're a target or a bystander.
 defines this into nine elements:
    1. Access
    2. Commerce
    3. Communication
    4. Literacy
    5. Etiquette
    6. Law
    7. Rights & Responsibilities
    8. Health & Wellness
    9. Security (self-protection)

    In addition, Digital Citizenship and Internet safety include: 

    • Respecting your self and others
    • Educating yourself and connecting with others
    • Protecting your self and others

    Startling Statistics:

    • 6% of teens receive requests for personal information
    • 54% of teens frequently have private conversations with online strangers through instant messaging
    • 42% of teens said they have posted personal information online
    • 30% of teens reported that they have talked with a cyber stranger about meeting in person
    • 16% of teens discovered that someone online was an adult pretending to be much younger
    • 14% kids have actually met face to face with a person they have met on the InternetMost kids will not report inappropriate Internet contact to their parents because they are afraid of losing Internet privileges
    • Only 6% of teens on social networking sites use privacy controls on their profiles
    • 4,000,000 children are posting content to the Web everyday

    Provided are some links to resources that you can share and discuss with your children:

    NetSmartz Workshop – This site was Co-Founded by Revé and John Walsh as a resource for parents, children, and educators to educate these groups on internet safety. This site includes age appropriate videos, games, and lessons to empower all for their quest for digital citizenship and safety.

    Common Sense Media – Common Sense Media believes that media is an integral part of our children’s world. This site provides parents and educators trustworthy information to guide student’s interaction with media. This site include views of movies, games, websites, TV, books, and music. Information on other topics including internet safety, digital citizenship, social networking and virtual worlds are available. – The iKeepSafe coalition promotes the safe and healthy use of technology and the internet through the use of a book series featuring the character Faux Paws the Techno Cat. Elementary children learn about internet safety, cyber-bulling, balancing media time, and the dangers of downloading.

    Digital Literacy and Citizenship – Common Sense Media provides this White Paper to Educate, Empower, and Protect America’s Kids.

    Edutopia -- This video library provides a wide range of topics including what is Digital Citizenship to being a Digital Citizen and more.

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