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  • ACASA Survey 

    Dear Parent or Guardian:

     The Wellsville Central School District has been selected to participate in the Risk and Protective Factor Survey. This survey of 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th  graders is designed to improve our understanding of our children’s strengths and the risks they may face for problems like smoking, underage drinking and drug use. The information the students provide can help us all take steps to reduce and prevent these problems in Wellsville. The survey is sponsored by the Allegany Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc., a group we are working with to build healthier communities.

     The following are facts about the survey:

    1. It is totally voluntary. Your child does not have to participate. You do not have to give a reason for not participating. Students are not required to answer all questions, only those that they want to answer.
    2. It is anonymous. The survey is designed to protect your child’s and your school’s privacy. No names or any other identifying information will ever be recorded. All of the surveys are carefully protected.
    3. The Wellsville Central School District and the Allegany Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc. Prevention Department will use the school survey results to plan better prevention efforts.
    4. The Risk and Protective Factor Survey has been scientifically tested and is valid and reliable. Developed in 1995, it has been given to over 100,000 students in schools across the United States without difficulty.

     A copy of the survey is available at the Principal’s Office of your child’s school for review. You may also call The Allegany Council Prevention Department at 585-593-1920 (Kim Strauser Ext. 719) for more information.

     If you do not want your child to participate, simply send a note or call my office by January 10, 2019.  If you choose, your child will be given an alternative activity to do during the survey period.

     Thanks for your help. This survey is an important part of Wellsville Central School and The Allegany Council’s effort to keep our children healthy and safe. I hope you will allow your child to participate.


     Mr. David Foster         


    Wellsville Central School District


Lego Team

  • Congratulations to our 2018 Wellsville MS Lego Team and Coaches for an outstanding performance at the recent Regional Competition.  We are excited to announce that our team has qualified to move on to the next round of competition.  In addition to advancing, our team came home with the Core Values Trophy! 

    Team Members: Ethan Crandall, Sam Childs, Dalton Davis, Evan Billings


    MS Lego

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Natural Helpers

  • National Helpers is a national program where students are selected by their classmates through a school wide survey. They are chosen because their classmates feel they can trust these students to talk to them or go to them if a problem or concern arises. These students then attend a 2 day retreat where they learn the helping skill. The 5 students pictured all received their certificates last Friday after finishing the 2 day retreat.
    The 5 students are; Alexis Ireland, Isabelle Tinder, Aiden Cowburn, Brooklyn Dahlgren and Jenna English.
    Natural Helpers
    Natural Helpers
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WNY STEM Hub Awards Wellsville School STEM School on the Move Recognizes Commitment toSTEM

If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.

Supply donations!


    Thank You Wellsville Rotary Club for the awesome school supply donations!!  We appreciate your generosity!!

    Thank You Wellsville Rotary Club for the awesome school supply donations!!  We appreciate your generosity!!      Thank You Wellsville Rotary Club for the awesome school supply donations!!  We appreciate your generosity!!

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